Friday, May 14, 2010

How long does salon hair color stay in?

If I get permanent hair color put in by a salon, how long does it typically last (if I take care of it with color formulated hair care products)? Although it should be permanent (or until the roots grow completely out), I wanted to check because I use a store bought kit that is permanent, but because it is auburn (red shades fade quicker than any other), it typically lasts less than 2 months. At the salon it will be colored auburn also. Thank you for any help.How long does salon hair color stay in?
it's really important to get a filler put on especially for the your hairdresser putting a filler in before the color? ..sally's beauty supply carries fillers..i'd buy the clear and see if you can keep the color alittle longer....they are carrying the reds, browns and gold but the clear should helpHow long does salon hair color stay in?
It really all depends on your hair.

Like my mothers lasts for five months and mine lasts for one.

But box dye that you buy at Sallys, Walmart or anywhere is just as good as the salons. Stays in the same amount of time.

Good luck!

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